In some ways it’s like Budapest

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In some ways it’s like Budapest was with its ruin bars 10 years ago, or Prague in the ’90s gritty, full of life and undiscovered by Americans but with an added dash of style that neither of those hot spots had until they were already overrun with tourists.Now might be the time for this offbeat destination. Construction has begun on a 10 million square foot development that promises to transform a brownfield right in the city’s core. Here’s a quick guide to a city on the verge.GO AHEAD AND SPLURGEFirst things first: Belgrade will never be in the running for Europe’s most beautiful city, partly because the former capital of Yugoslavia has been destroyed and rebuilt so many times in the past 2,000 years.Expect to see brutalist Soviet era buildings and government buildings that were damaged in a 1999 NATO bombing campaign and never repaired.Despite the eyesores and neglect, elegant 19th century architecture also exists, especially around the main pedestrian promenade, Knez Mihailova Street.What the city lacks in European charm, however, it makes up for in affordable luxury.

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The development at Sun Hill has cost in excess of 500,000 and has been supported by a 35 per cent grant from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. It is estimated the new log cabins will provide a 500,000 annual boost to the Wensleydale and wider North Yorkshire economy where local pubs and restaurants are already seeing the benefits of this extra business. To Ann, it all made perfect sense.

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On 31 luglio 2014

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