Firefly Coffeehouse114 N. Main St

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Firefly Coffeehouse114 N. Main St., Oregon, 835 6238When folks talk of Oregon’s downtown emerging as a charming destination, they’re in some way referring to Firefly, the community gathering spot right on Main Street. The caf, named after a northern Wisconsin campground, opened in 2001 and has already expanded in size.

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8. Urban NomadUrban Nomad’s lime green truck is an offshoot of a brick and mortar establishment on Elliott catering to F5 and Big Fish Games employees; its specialty is pasta, a surprisingly rare specialty in the Seattle food truck scene. The hand formed turkey meatballs are juicy, plump and spiced optimally to complement the marinara sauce.

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Both facilities are owned by Sol Melia. The staff at both hotels treat all clients with warmth and efficiency and then add something extra for newlyweds, as well as for visitors who have just renewed their vows or are taking second honeymoons. A gift bottle of quality cava (Spanish champagne) always said welcome to us in Havana.

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On 27 giugno 2011

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